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How does it work?

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1. Buy

You purchase solar panels on our website and with our help, you lease them to schools, hospitals, factories and businesses in emerging markets that would greatly benefit from having affordable electricity.

Earn Money, Profit, Money

2. Make a Profit

End-users are under 20-year contracts. For just one purchase you will make profit (10-14% per year or more, depending on a project and amount you invest with us) for the electricity your solar panels produce for the next 20 years, benefitting you and your family.

Do Good for the environment, Environment, Love

3. Do Good to the Environment.

Each solar panel removes 137kg of harmful CO2 emission from the atmosphere.

Why Buy Solar Panels with Energy Shift?

There are more than a few reasons why you would invest with us, such as:

·  You may not own or have access to a roof space for installing solar panels onto;

·  You are looking for a reliable income stream not reliant on traditional banking systems and fossil fuels

·  You may already have solar panels on your roof and are looking to extend your solar assets;

·  You may be interested in making a change for the better and want to contribute to an environmentally friendly industry.

Explainer video

Successful Projects

Last project in Ukraine


With this Solar System we enabled clean and renewable energy that powers the company's office. It will reduce their carbon footprint by 1200 Kg per year.


Monetise the Sunshine with Energy Shift

Earn money by purchasing solar panels with Energy Shift and leasing them to people who could benefit from them. You can make a profit of 10-14% per year doing good for the environment and the society. What are you waiting for?