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Our main mission is to accelerate transition to a sustainable energy by lowering entry barriers for investment into renewables, while generating attractive financial returns to our customers.

In addition to this, we are creating valuable and green jobs in the economy while also doing good for the environment. Also, a part of the profits from our activities will go toward the afforestation (tree planting) program to help the environment even more!

We believe that this project is a WIN-WIN situation for all. People who invest their money into building renewable energy power plants will benefit from a hefty interest rate on their investment, while our customers are going to benefit from using the clean energy which is supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Team

Filip Koprčina

Filip Koprčina


Filip is an innovator, he successfully invented a smart plug, patented it, and sold it to a local company in Croatia. Also, few years ago he helped start a desalination company that is operating today, but after some disagreement in the founding team, after a year in the company, he left. Now he's focus is solely on this project. To make this a reality he learned how to code in Python and how to do the Web development, which he spent months learning.

Ante Renić

Ante Renić


Ante is an electrical engineer and for the last 2 years he has been working in an renewable energy company on creating renewable energy power plants, in every part of the project, from ideation to the documentation he has been working like crazy.

Luka Lindić

Luka Lindić


Luka is an energy engineer which has already some experience on energy systems as well as wind parks. He worked on a case study that focused on the viability of the off-shore wind turbines (the wind turbines in the sea) in Croatia, and unfortunately, they are not cost effective as the results showed it takes about 15 years for them to pay off.

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