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renewable energy

Expand your knowledge

Read the information about the project, the benefits it brings to the environment and the society, the investment period and the return rate on your investment (ROI).


Find and Invest

Find a project you would like to support and invest any amount you want.


Collect the profits

Receive the return on your investments on a yearly basis and enjoy the profits earned knowing that you also made a huge impact in the battle against Climate Change.

Latest Projects

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Vitamin D1

Solar Power Plant

Target: $100.000
Length: 7 years
ROI (per year): 5%
CO2 saved: 950.000 tons
Location: Croatia


Wind Strom 2

Wind power plant

Target: $750.000
Length: 10 years
ROI (per year): 7%
CO2 saved: 2.500.000 tons
Location: Germany


Water Is Life

Hydro Power Plant

Target: $1.000.000
Length: 12 years
ROI (per year): 9%
CO2 saved: 4.200.000 tons
Location: Spain


Our Mission

"At Energy Shift, we are passionate about a safe and clean environment. This is why we have developed a crowd investing platform that lowers the entry barriers for investing in renewables while also providing good financial returns for investors.

We have created this win-win situation where small sums of money from large number of people can help us to get to a safe and clean environment faster than the concentrated system.

Crowd investing provides a medium where people can look for renewable energy projects that are ongoing and proposed and invest their money in these projects with an assurance of high returns on investment. Visit our projects page today to see a range of available projects. Together, let us profitably pursue a safe and clean environment."